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Aircraft Threaded Fasteners

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Aircraft Hi-Loks

Aircraft Hi-Loks (Collars & Pins)

We distribute Hi-Lok fasteners such as collars, blind bolts, blind nuts, and Hi-Lok pins, specially designed for the aerospace industry. The fasteners are made from materials such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, as well as exotic materials like inconel, monel, and titanium. These fasteners are available in various finishes. Our Hi-Lok fasteners are sourced from leading manufacturers such as Hi-Shear Corp and SPS. We maintain a supplier managed inventory that aids in providing uninterrupted supply of the required fasteners to your facility.
Aircraft Inserts & Studs

Aircraft Inserts and Studs

We have an extensive stock of metric and NAS series insert fasteners for aircraft interior applications. Helicoil, keylock, ring lock, and tangless types of inserts are available in sizes that range from #2 thru 1”. Inserts for sandwich and honeycomb panels are our specialty products. Primarily used in attaching sub assemblies over the sandwich structures, these inserts provide excellent shear and tensile resistance.

Our ring lock inserts are available with captive lockrings, floating nuts, and vespel locks. Tangless inserts are made from monel, naval brass, waspaloy, and greek ascoloy to prevent tang break-off and provide a self-locking, positive torque. Our key inserts have drills and taps as well. These inserts are ...

Aircraft Locknuts

We provide aircraft locknuts such as castellated beam nuts, prevailing torque nuts, and flange locknuts. Castellated nuts, or castle nuts, are available in sizes ranging from # 2 thru 3". We supply “all metal” and “nylon insert” types of torque locknuts made from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. Our heat-treated flange lock nuts offer excellent surface hardness and gripping strength.

Typically, our locknuts are used in gearboxes as well as high- & low-pressure turbines found in aircrafts. Castellated nuts, available with slots milled across the face, provide the high tensile strength required for safe locking. Made from corrosion resistant steel, they are widely used to install bearings, pulleys, cranks, ...

Aircraft Nuts

As specialists in mechanical fasteners and assembly hardware for the aerospace industry, ETA Global offers a variety of nuts, ranging from hex nuts to castellated nuts. Made from materials such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum, our hex nuts are available with nylon inserts too. These nuts can be finished with zinc and cadmium plating. Castellated nuts are available in non-locking and self-locking designs. Typically, the castellated nuts are made from alloyed and corrosion resistant steel.

We also offer shank nuts that are designed to endure enormous stress. These are ideal for high temperature aircraft applications, such as in jet rocket engine flange assemblies, exhaust manifolds, and other engine assemblies. Our ...
Aircraft Screws & Bolts

Aircraft Screws and Bolts

ETA distributes screws in various shapes with diameters ranging from # 000-120 through 3", for aerospace applications. We maintain a stock of different types of screws, including self-locking, socket head, panhead, and wrenching screws.

Made from materials such as naval brass, H11, titanium, and greek ascoloy, these screws are available in lengths up to 12". In the past, we have supplied screws to major aerospace component manufacturers such as General Dynamics and Raytheon. Aircraft screws finished with cadmium, nickel, and zinc plating are also available. The Supplier Managed Inventory at ETA ensures uninterrupted supply of the consigned materials to your facility.
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