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Mil-Spec Hardware

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Mil-Spec Bushings & Bearings

We are engaged in the storage and distribution of several types of aircraft bushings, including clamp-up, non-metallic, and press fit bushings. Made from materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, and rubber, our bushings are provided in sizes that range from #2 through 3". ETA provides both headed and headless press-fit bushings to suit diverse requirements. Our metallic bushings can also be supplied in un-finished forms to facilitate any additional machining that may be required. These bushings are used in a variety of aerospace applications, ranging from abrasion protection of cables passing through bulkheads to rubber bushings used as engine mounts. In addition to bushings, we also offer rivet spacers and sleeve spacers.

Mil-Spec Clamps

ETA Global is a premium distributor of a wide range of clamps specially manufactured for the aerospace industry. We offer loop clamps, cushioned clamps, worm device clamps, and band clamps in various sizes, ranging from 0.125" through 10". Our cushioned clamps consist of an integrated cushion bonded to the insides of the clamp. This ensures minimum vibration, which consequently reduces line fraying. Clamps with single and multiple latch couplings can also be provided.

Aircraft clamps made from materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel, nylon, aluminum, and stainless steel are offered for diverse aerospace applications. Our clamps can be fitted with renewable bushings too. We also supply clamps that conform to National ...
Mil-Spec Electronic Hardware

Mil-Spec Electronic Hardware

From terminal and cable ties to heat shrink tubing and stand-offs, we distribute varied electronic hardware for aerospace applications. We are an authorized distributor of Hellerman Tyton, a renowned manufacturer of wiring products and cable tie tools, including cable protection and identification systems. We distribute cable ties in different lengths, which can accommodate cable bundles with diameters ranging from 1.00" to 4.00".

Made from Nylon 6/6 material, our injection molded single loop ties can be installed by hand or with an optional tool. These ties feature one-piece construction to produce a strong and highly reliable wrap. Our polyolefin-extruded heat shrinkable tubing is irradiated and easy to use. This tubing is ...

Mil-Spec Washers

From standard flat washers to Belleville spring washers, all our bolt-securing systems are made from durable materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel, and other grades of stainless steel. Available in sizes ranging from # 0-80 through 3", our aircraft washers are also offered with zinc and cadmium plating. We supply National Aircraft Standards washers in various shapes and designs to ensure trouble free performance. Our washers also conform to AN and MS size standards.

Our Nord-Lock bolt securing system has a unique wedge-locking feature, making it ideal for use in critical applications. This washer is offered for all types of boltholes, including counter-bored holes, tapped holes, and through holes. Facilitating easy ...
Mil-Spec Pins

Mil-Spec Pins

From clevis to dowel pins, we offer aircraft pins in sizes ranging from 0.032" through 2". Made from exotic materials such as inconel 718, 300 stainless steel, and titanium, our pins offer excellent durability even under extreme temperature conditions. Both coiled and slotted types of spring pins can be supplied.

Our clevis pins are non-threaded fasteners, which create secure connections and allow for small movements. This feature allows them to withstand vibrations, making them ideal for use in all types of aircraft engines. The grooved and knurled pins we offer have high shock resistance and are suitable for locking devices, pivots, or levers with three parallel grooves. Clevis pins are used in rigging operations for some ...
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